I can offer tuition on a range of sewing related subjects:

Brother PE-Design Software – Basic.

I can give you a quick and easy guidance through all aspects of this brilliantly versatile software. This course covers the basic use of all programs included in PE-Design. I will go through a built-in design using the programme default settings, then re-editing using stitch direction, stitch density, different stitch types to make improvements. Photo stitch and cross-stitch, writing multiple designs to a card, and importing designs and creating your own infill stitches are also included.

Training courses are mainly on Brother PE-Design software Version 8, PE-Design Next, and Verson 10, However courses can be run on older versions on request.  Instructional notes will be given.

Brother PE-Design Software – Advanced Techniques.

Taking you further on from the basic course and covering cutwork, appliqué, shadow work, different coloured outlines, stitch to block and manual punching, and much more. You will be shown how to utilize the new facilites in the latest versions of the software to create unique designs, and be inspired to progress further. Instruction notes will be given.

Please see samples of some of this work in my PE Design Gallery.

You will  be advised to do the Basic Course before doing this one.

Brother PE-Design Software – Further Advanced Explorations.

This course will take you further into exploring the design possibilities of this versatile software package. We will study all the stitch patterns, shapes and techniques possible so that you will be inspired to create your own unique pieces of work. (Please see samples of Gradiation Stitch & Chenile work plus a collage of shapes and stitch patterns in my PE Design Gallery. These are only two possibilites, we can explore much further than this.

You will be advised to do the above two courses prior to doing this one.

I also run courses on the following Textile Embroidery techniques:

Free Machine Embroidery/Textile Art Classes for Beginners.

If you have ever admired the work of Textile Artists and wished you could try it for yourself, then I can guide you through the preliminary stages of free machine embroidery and beyond so that you will soon be inspired to try and create your own masterpieces.

This covers a comprehensive range of free machine stitch techniques and uses. You do not need a complicated machine to do this, most machines with straight stitch and zigzag are OK. Please ring me for details.

I can cover many aspects of Textile Art and Surface Decoration either on a “one to one” basis, or as a group class. Please see samples of my work in my work gallery.


Specialised Textile Art Courses:

Getting to know your Embellisher.

An Embellishing machine can help you to design wonderful backgrounds for your work, and create fantastic embellishments to enhance your projects. If you have an emblellisher, then this course is designed to help you understand how it works, and get the most from it.

Working with Kunin Felt.

 Kunin Felt is not like ordinary felt, it can easily be sewn into then distressed with the use of a heat gun. It is made from recycled plastic bottles, therefore making it very environmentally friendly to use. I can show you the creative effects that this can give to your work. (Please see a sample in my work gallery).

Please ring me on 01707-324413 for more information on these techniques, or any other textile art techniques that you would be interested in learning.



Sewing with Metal – “METAL MAGIC”

DATE: 28th & 29th March 2017.   Well attended.

(NB. This course will hopefully be repeated in 2018 – please watch for new date to be arranged soon).  

VENUE: Art Van Go, The Studios, 1 Stevenage Road, Knebworth, Herts, SG3 6AN.  Please ring Art Van Go directly on 01438-814946 to book this course. 

The aim of this workshop is to create confidence, and dispel any concerns about stitching into different types of metal. It will cover many aspects of distressing, embossing, printing and stitching metal, and will give plenty of inspiration to explore new ideas. Creative backgrounds to compliment your work will also be explored. This course is designed for both beginners and experienced sewers, to be creative, fun and absorbing. You will be required to bring your own sewing machine, and you will be sent a list of other items to bring.
Course Cost £69. This includes a “Goodie bag” (worth £9) with a selection of items for you to get started, plus full written instructions.  

Please see samples of sewing with metal in my work gallery.


DATETuesday 14th November 2017.

VENUE: Art Van Go, The Studios, 1 Stevenage Road, Knebworth, Herts, SG3 6AN.  Please ring Art Van Go directly on 01438-814946 to book this course.

An inspiring bead making workshop with a difference. Experiment with a huge number of ideas for making beads from fabric, fibres, film, and glue. Then explore their design potential by incorporating them into complimentary backgrounds and your own artwork. Come and have lots of fun and release your imagination! Suitable for all levels of experience.
Course Cost £37 This includes a “Goodie bag” (worth £7) with a selection of items for you to get started, plus full written instructions.  

Please see samples of fabric beads in my work gallery.

You are also welcome to ring me on 01707-324413 for further information on both these courses if you need to.