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PE-Design Work

The following pictures relate to the Brother PE-Design Courses as mentioned on the Courses page.

The first five pictures you see above apply to the PE-Design Advanced Course. The procedures for these techniques within the software package are always being improved and made easier, and once you have mastered them,  you will be able to apply them to your own designs.  All the courses will be taken at your own pace so that you fully understand them.  You will be given full instruction notes on everything.

The rest of the pictures show how you can start to develop your creative skills with the aid of PE-Design. Please see my Further Advanced Explorations course.The design possibilities within these packages are vast, and with PE-Design Version 8 and above, you can even do free hand drawing on the screen. All you need is a little imagination and inspiration. If you attend one of these courses, then we can hopefully inspire you to be more creative.

Print and Stitch in PE-Design

Illustrated stages of how to create your own pictures.

I hope you like this technique. This is just a taster! – you can produce designs like this as well. If you would like to attend my “Further Advanced Explorations” course then please contact me and I will be happy to add you name to the list.

If you click on each picture you will see an enlarged image. I apologise now for the quality of some of the pictures, my photographic skills still need improving.